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              2. 雷竞技注册_雷竞技电竞官网


                雷竞技注册 provides distributed power plant solutions with market leading engineering, installation and maintenance support.

                Renewable Gas

                Combined Heat and Power


                Peaking Power Stations

                Reliable 雷竞技注册 Support

                What We Do


                We have comprehensive resources to support the engineering of your project with capabilities in computer aided design, mechanical and electrical engineering.


                We have dedicated teams to support you in delivering quality through the project management, installation and commissioning of your project.


                We value the provision of reliable maintenance services for your power generation equipment delivered efficiently through our extensive network of service engineers.

                雷竞技注册 is the sole authorised distributor and service provider for INNIO Jenbacher gas engines in 27 countries.


                Why 雷竞技注册 ?

                - Quality installations with unrivalled aftersales service support.

                - Highest running hours for your engine equals optimal return on investment.

                - Flexibility to suit your business needs with tailored scope of supply.

                - 雷竞技注册 can supply a single engine through to full turn-key multi-engine plant.

                - Reduce risk by transferring your engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) scope to us.

                Industrial CHP

                Peaking Plants


                Global Reach with Local Focus


                雷竞技注册 will be exhibiting at DataCentres Ireland 2021 on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th November at the Royal Dublin Society

                Webinar | Gas CHP in the transition: Its role in supporting jobs and growth | Heat & Decentralised Energy 2021

                Adam Wray-Summerson will be taking part in the session 1PM to 2PM on September 29th – Gas CHP in the transition: its role in supporting jobs and growth

                UK CCUS & Hydrogen Decarbonisation Summit | 1st and 2nd September | Birmingham

                雷竞技注册 Product and Market Development Manager Adam Wray-Summerson will be speaking at the event at the The Holiday Inn Birmingham.

                Webinar | Gas Engine Adoption and the Hydrogen Economy | 21st July

                As part of the Data Centre Dynamics Critical Power virtual event 雷竞技注册 and INNIO Jenbacher will be hosting a webinar on ‘Gas engine adoption and the hydrogen economy – the net zero paradigm’.

                Webinar | Pathway to Net-Zero: Biogas AD, Green Gas & Hybrid Power Solutions

                雷竞技注册 will be taking part in in this Pathway to Net-Zero webinar conjunction with the Food and Drink Federation on 15th July at 11am

                Latest 雷竞技电竞官网

                Latest 雷竞技电竞官网

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